Office Art

In addition to a playroom, we also have art on the walls that is often interesting to children. Art is a hobby of mine and the pieces in the office are diverse and include “Crying” by Yin Jun, which is a crying child wearing headphones and eating watermelon. Children often look at the painting and ask, “Why is he crying?”

Crying by Yin Jun

“Crying” by Yin Jun

Animal Wallpaper by Chuck Connely

“Animal Wallpaper” by Chuck Connely

View 1 of 3 by Gregory Scott

“View 1 of 3″ by Gregory Scott

Two Women & One Sexy Bear by Marcel Dzama

“Two Women & One Sexy Bear” by Marcel Dzama

The Brightness of Family by Mackenzie Thorpe

“The Brightness of Family” by Mackenzie Thorpe

Subway Series by Keith Haring

“Subway Series” by Keith Haring

Some Day by Jin Zi

“Some Day” by Jin Zi

Sitting Room 7 of 9 by Anthony Goicolea

“Sitting Room 7 of 9″ by Anthony Goicolea

Row Boat 7 of 9 by Anthony Goicolea

“Row Boat 7 of 9″ by Anthony Goicolea

Portrait (Hals) by Jason Salavon

“Portrait (Hals)” by Jason Salavon

Mirror Lake by Natasha Kissel

“Mirror Lake” by Natasha Kissel

Love in the Dark by Mackenzie Thorpe

“Love in the Dark” by Mackenzie Thorpe

Linsay Key by Robert Mapplethorpe

“Linsay Key” by Robert Mapplethorpe

Held (Hero) by Sabine Banovic

“Held (Hero)” by Sabine Banovic

Head by Ivette Zighelboim

“Head” by Ivette Zighelboim

Finger by Donald Baechler

“Finger” by Donald Baechler

Class Photo by Edward Del Rosario

“Class Photo” by Edward Del Rosario

Beijing Wawa (violin) by Zhang Hui

“Beijing Wawa (Violin)” by Zhang Hui