• Nathalie’s Story

    My name is Nathalie. I was born in 2001. I was diagnosed with a rare disorder (OI) Osteogenesis Imperfecta also known as Brittle Bone Disease. Child abuse allegations were part of this experience. I was 5 weeks old and unexplainable …

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  • David’s Story

    On July 14, 2013 I was on the last day of an eight day canoeing/portage trek called the Northern Tier in the boundary waters in Minnesota as part of the Boy Scouts of America high adventure program. This was the …

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  • Grace’s Story

    My daughter Grace’s injury occurred in November 2010. At that time, she was a Level 6 competitive gymnast and literally flew off the top bar while attempting something called a giant. The doctor at our local Long Island hospital told …

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