Some of our patients have also allowed us to share the story of their treatment from a medical perspective. Rest assured that participation is voluntary and you can be certain that unless you grant us written permission to share your medical journey, all of your information will be kept private and confidential. To see the these treatments from the patients perspective, click here.

Lower Limb Deformity

Vincenzo: Arthrogryposis with Lower Limb Deformity, Severe Contractures, & Pterygium
Vincenzo was a 14 year old boy from Bari, Italy who was diagnosed with arthrogryposis at birth and had been wheelchair bound since the age of six. His family had previously sought treatment in Altamura and Milano Italy but doctors had not provided any treatment and told the family that nothing could be done to improve his condition. Vincenzo had a burning desire to walk and wanted to have better control of and movement in his upper limbs. The family traveled to America for definitive care.
Charlotte: Complex Lower Limb Deformity
Charlotte has been my patient since she was three years old. Over the years, I’ve collaborated with other medical professionals to treat her for various issues with her right leg. Her issues began with a hemangioma that involved her entire right tibia. The hemangioma damaged her knee, ankle, and foot joints in addition to her growth plates which inhibited the growth of new bone. After several minimally invasive procedures, the hemangioma was finally stabilized when she was eight years old.
Francesca: Anterior Physeal Arrest w/ Recurvatum Deformity & Shortening
Francesca is a competitive level female gymnast who sustained a proximal tibia fracture at the age of 10 after falling off a balance beam and landing incorrectly on her right leg. She was treated at a local emergency room at which point she was sedated and her leg was manipulated into position and placed in a long leg cast for eight weeks. After her cast was removed, she received physical therapy for strengthening for approximately six weeks.