• Jordan’s Story

    Jordan is a twin born with skeletal dysplasia and a T5 hemi vertebrae with a kyphosis/scoliosis, which progressed as he aged. At the age of 13, Jordan was told he needed surgical intervention and would have a spinal fusion. We …

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  • Francesca’s Story

    My daughter Francesca is a patient of Dr. Feldman’s. We came to Dr. Feldman in March of 2013 after my daughter had broke her leg in November…not really sure what was wrong with her and he diagnosed her that her growth plate had fused after the leg broke and she would need extensive surgery.

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  • Vincenzo’s Story

    Hello, I am Vincenzo and I am 22 years old, I’m an Italian male with a very rare condition that it seemed nobody had ever heard of and there was no cure. The name of my disease is “arthrogryposis”, a …

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  • Anthony’s Story

    My name is AJ and I am a patient of Dr Feldman for many years. Right before my fourth birthday in 2003, I was diagnosed with bilateral Perthes Diseases. I can remember the agonizing pain when I tried to walk …

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  • Charlotte’s Story

    I was only 3 years old when I met Dr. Feldman. My parents and I had seen many doctors and it was discovered that I had vascular tumors in my tibia. These vascular tumors left a hole at the top …

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