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“Go for it!” That is usually our first response anytime people considering adopting a child with Arthrogryposis ask for our advice.

Adoption has been one of the greatest blessings in our life. Our precious daughter has Arthrogryposis Amyoplasia, affecting all four limbs. She is pure joy and we can’t imagine our family without her.

We have heard that kids with Arthrogryposis often have a sunny disposition, are super creative and are excellent problem solvers… we have found this to be in abundance in our girl.

When we first saw a photo and video of her in an orphanage, we knew two things instantly: “That’s our girl… and someday she will walk.” However, independence and mobility have been a challenge for her, which is what led our family to travel from Washington State to Florida.

We first heard about the work Dr. Feldman was doing about a year after bringing our daughter home from China. She was three years old at the time. We knew that she would be able to walk someday, but we were bumping up against one roadblock after another to get her here. After three more years of challenges and push back from doctors in Washington and several discouraging “second opinions,” we decided to just pay out of pocket in order to get her to Dr. Feldman for an initial consultation.

Being treated by Dr. Feldman and his therapy team has changed the course of our girl’s life. We wish we would have brought her to Florida so much sooner! He was the only doctor we had met who could see Jada beyond a wheelchair. Rather than deciding ahead of time what her trajectory would be, he had a mindset of, “Lets see what she can do!”

Here is what she can do: She is now able to sit, stand, and walk with straight legs and knees that bend.

This would not have been possible under the other care she was receiving. Our biggest regret is that we wasted a lot of time and energy with other doctors who were uninterested in working towards anything other than a wheelchair.

Caring for someone with Arthrogryposis is a lifelong commitment. Quality medical support, Physical therapy, and Occupational therapy is a weekly essential. Daily stretching of these stiff joints is crucial. Multiple surgeries and regression may be inevitable. We know that it can be exhausting, but through this experience we have found that all things are possible with God, and we have seen Him renew our strength and surround us with people who encourage us.

Because of the tremendous progress and support she received through Dr. Feldman and his team, we sold our house, made changes to our work, and moved our family to Florida. Being here gives her the greatest opportunity for long-term independence and continued mobility.

We love Dr. Feldman and his team and we could not be more grateful to have our daughter receiving the best care in the world here at the Paley Institute.

Jada’s Miracle: Surgery with Dr. David Feldman at Paley Institute

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