Patient Stories

  • Douglas’ Story

    I was sitting in my Mom’s belly pretzel style before I was born. My legs and feet were tangled up together. My legs, feet, arms and hands had tight joints. The problem is called Arthrogryposis. My Mom and Dad were very worried when I was born. They did not know if I would stand, walk, and write when I grew up…

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  • Axel’s Story

    Axel was born on a Monday and Dr Feldman saw him and started to treat him on the Thursday of the same week. Although, he diagnosed hips dislocation, knees dislocation and a very severe case of bilateral clubfeet, he was very encouraging. He reassured us, Axel could get better through the Ponseti method.

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  • Caroline’s Story

    Our daughter Caroline is a miracle. She has defied every odd since the day of her birth. She is courageous, resilient, strong, tough, determined. Brave. If she were a story book, she would be “The Little Engine That Could.” If she were a word it would be Hope. She was born premature and still, unable to move at all. On the day of her birth, she underwent a six hour MRI under general anesthesia, from which they warned she may not survive. Upon discharge from the hospital six weeks later, they recommended two homes that we should consider putting her in. They said she probably would never walk and may never eat on her own. We took her home.

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