Charlotte’s Story

Charlotte’s Story
I was only 3 years old when I met Dr. Feldman. My parents and I had seen many doctors and it was discovered that I had vascular tumors in my tibia. These vascular tumors left a hole at the top …

Charlotte Holding Taylor Spatial Frame

I was only 3 years old when I met Dr. Feldman. My parents and I had seen many doctors and it was discovered that I had vascular tumors in my tibia. These vascular tumors left a hole at the top of my tibia and caused the remaining half of my bone to be honeycombed. All doctors wanted to operate on my leg except Dr. Feldman. He was able to determine that the tumors were inactive. Instead of putting me through multiple surgeries at such an early age, Dr. Feldman decided that the best course of action was to fill in the hole and to monitor me. For the next seven years I was able to walk and run around without any surgeries. By the age of ten these vascular tumors had once again become active and this time had damaged my growth plate. My tibia rotated 50 degrees out and my femur turned 30 degrees in. When I could no longer walk Dr. Feldman went in to correct the deformity by breaking and reseting my femur and tibia. During this operation Dr. Feldman was able to realign my leg. Unfortunately the damage to my growth plate was so severe that in the coming years it became evident that I was not growing in my right leg.

Two years ago Dr. Feldman performed a limb lengthening and realigning of my right tibia. I had a two and a half inch discrepancy between my legs and the rod in my tibia was bent back behind the knee. Dr. Feldman had to remove all existing hardware in my tibia and then attach a Taylor Spatial frame to my leg. This frame both realigned and lengthened my leg. Although the lengthening process was very long, it was definitely worth it. It felt odd having an extra 4 pounds attached to my leg, but I learned to live with the frame and it lengthened my leg 2 and a half inches! That in itself is a miracle and is all thanks to Dr. Feldman. Over the course of 13 years I have undergone multiple surgeries to correct the deformity in my right leg. Today that deformity no longer exists because of Dr. Feldman.

- Charlotte

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After living with a Taylor Spatial Frame on my leg for 13 months, I discovered how hard it is to fit clothes over the frame. Going through this process inspired me to create my own clothes. While in the frame, I wore skinny jeans that I had designed to fit over the frame because I didn’t want to wear baggy clothes. Having a Taylor Spatial Frame on has its own challenges that one should not have to worry about the difficulty of clothes. I am in the process of designing a clothing line and am starting with the very basics-underwear for girls(guys are next). After going through this process myself I quickly learned basic underwear didn’t fit over the frame and velcro didn’t seem to work. That is why I have designed underwear with snaps on the side that are fashionable,comfortable, and easy to put on. I am in the process of launching my underwear line which not only caters to individuals with a Taylor Spatial Frame, but to anyone who may not have full mobility. The name of my clothing line is “No Guts No Glory” because it takes guts in order to achieve the glory of success.If you’d like to contact me with any questions and or would like to purchase this underwear my website is

Check out my website for tips on healing a taylor spatial frame including cleaning suggestions, what to expect after surgery and to hear my full story.

David S. Feldman, MD
David S. Feldman, MD is Chief of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery and a professor of orthopedic surgery & pediatrics at NYU Langone Medical Center / NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases, specializing in the care of children with complex scoliosis, arthrogryposis, hip dysplasia, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, and lower limb deformities.

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