• “Our Curved Journey” (Paul’s Story)

    Paul is the cutest, best kid ever. He’s funny. He’s smart. He’s got great dance moves. Every one loves him and he is known as the mayor wherever he goes. He’s a great kid. So all greatness aside, he was …

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  • Vincenzo’s Story

    Hello, I am Vincenzo and I am 22 years old, I’m an Italian male with a very rare condition that it seemed nobody had ever heard of and there was no cure. The name of my disease is “arthrogryposis”, a …

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  • Arthrogryposis [Presentation]

    Arthrogryposis is a medical condition that describes instances of joint contractures that are present at birth. Severity of the disease varies but many children achieve improved joint mobility and function if treatment begins at an early age.

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  • Douglas’ Story

    I was sitting in my Mom’s belly pretzel style before I was born. My legs and feet were tangled up together. My legs, feet, arms and hands had tight joints. The problem is called Arthrogryposis. My Mom and Dad were very worried when I was born. They did not know if I would stand, walk, and write when I grew up…

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  • Axel’s Story

    Axel was born on a Monday and Dr Feldman saw him and started to treat him on the Thursday of the same week. Although, he diagnosed hips dislocation, knees dislocation and a very severe case of bilateral clubfeet, he was very encouraging. He reassured us, Axel could get better through the Ponseti method.

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