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Calcaneovalgus foot is a flexible flat foot deformity that causes the foot to bend upwards towards the front of the leg.


In infancy, calcaneovalgus foot is a largely aesthetic condition that causes the affected foot to flex upwards to the shin. Children typically do not experience pain or discomfort as a result of calcaneovalgus foot.


Calcaneovalgus foot is caused by an abnormal position of the fetus while in the uterus. The condition is fairly common and more prevalent in females and first born children.


Calcaneovalgus foot can be diagnosed through observation and a physical examination.


Many cases of calcaneovalgus foot will resolve over time with no intervention. However, the condition can be resolved more quickly with simple at-home foot stretching exercises. Moderate cases that do not respond to exercises can be treated with splinting and/or shoes that prevent the foot from flexing upwards. Severe cases may require serial casting to hold and slowly manipulate the foot into proper position.

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