Maffucci Syndrome


Similar to Ollier’s disease with multiple enchondromas in bones and there are also hemangiomas and lymphangiomas.

My Approach

My approach to Maffucci Syndrome is similar to Ollier’s Disease, however it needs to be followed much more closely as the boney lesions and the hemangiomas/lymphangiomas have up to a 30% chance of the patient developing a malignancy. The patient also must be followed by a general surgeon/Gynecologist due to increased risk of pancreatic and ovarian cancer. The patient also must be followed by a neurosurgeon due to the risk of CNS (brain) tumors.


Similar genetics to Ollier’s disease.

Diagnosis Methods

A diagnosis can be made in a clinical setting and radiographically.


Similar to those performed on patients with Ollier’s Disease.

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