Ollier’s Disease


A rare non-genetic disorder that causes multiple Enchondromas to grow within the bone of the affected individual.


My Approach

Ollier’s disease can be treated with the problems that arise in the limbs. I will often straighten and lengthen the long bones involved. This will often eliminate pain and dysfunction. The hands and fingers can be treated similarly. Patient’s with Ollier’s disease need to be followed for life as the tumors can become cancerous (chondrosarcoma).


Usually a somatic mutation (meaning the limb itself has the mutation). The genes most commonly involved are PTH1R, IDH1 or IDH2. Rare cases are transmitted from a parent.

Diagnosis Methods

Clinical Diagnosis can be made by x-rays.


Treatment involves straightening and lengthening limbs with internal rods or external fixators depending on the patient. In a young child a limb can often be straightened by modifying growth; hemiepiphyseodesis.

Fingers and hands tumors are often scraped and bone straightened.

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