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A weekly Facebook Live with Dr. Feldman discussing a particular topic in which he engages with viewers answering related questions.

Topic: Fridays with Feldman: A Conversation about Scoliosis with Dr. Arun Hariharan

Topic: Chisel Time with Dr. Aaron Huser: Let's Talk About MHE

Topic: Adult Hips: Common Issues that Arise / David S. Feldman, MD

Topic: New BioMarin Drug for Achondroplasia -- VOXZOGO

Topic: Spinal Fusion and Decompression Surgery in Achondroplasia

Topic: Non-Fusion Scoliosis Surgery

Topic: Various Options for Management of Cerebral Palsy

Topic: Arthrogryposis: Early Intervention in Infancy -- The First Year

Topic: Arthrogryposis: Looking at the Data for New Procedures

Topic: MHE in Adults and Children -- Let's look at the data.

Topic: Deformity Correction and Lengthening for Skeletal Dysplasia

Topic: New Innovation in Scoliosis Management

Topic: Dr. Feldman talks about Modern Scoliosis Treatment

Topic: Dr. Feldman Live at the 2019 AMC Support Conference

Topic: Dr. Feldman Demonstrates a Modified Evans Procedure for Equinovalgus Foot Deformity

Topic: Arthrogryposis Overview

Topic: Upper Extremities in Arthrogryposis

Topic: Hip Dysplasia

Topic: Perthes Disease

Topic: Spine Health in Skeletal Dysplasia

Topic: Achondroplastic Spine

Topic: Scoliosis

Topic: Evaluation and Treatment of Scoliosis

Topic: Forearm in MHE

Topic: Larsen Syndrome under Arthrogryposis

Topic: Congenital Pseudarthrosis of the Tibia

Topic: Avascular Necrosis of the Hip

Topic: Dr. Feldman Live on COVID-19

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