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Pediatric limb deformities are associated with a variety of conditions such as trauma, neuromuscular disorders, foot and ankle diseases, congenital growth defects, and Vitamin-D deficiency. Limb deformities can affect the physical growth and development of children and interfere with their daily activities. Correction of a deformity or limb lengthening can be essential to promoting normal growth and improving a child’s physical capabilities. An internal lengthening rod is a device that can be used to lengthen a limb that has developed abnormally short.


An internal lengthening rod is a telescopic titanium rod with a miniature magnetic motor and a gear box. It is surgically implanted and controlled with a magnetic field generator from outside the body.


The internal lengthening rod is implanted to repair deformities in either the thigh (femur) or shin (tibia) bone. The motor is powered by a magnetic field generator that is held to the skin of the child’s leg for a few minutes a couple times per day. This produces force that extends the internal lengthening rod inside the bone and allows for regeneration of new bone and soft tissue as they are slowly pulled apart at a rate of approximately 1mm per day.


  • Accuracy of distraction (correction of deformity) is approximately 100%
  • Easy to handle external magnetic controller
  • Maintains range of motion of the hip, knee and ankle


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