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    Comments: Although he is a pediatric Ortho, Dr. Feldman has performed various hip surgeries on me (as an adult). Some minor, some very complicated. Back in 2007, Dr Feldman gave me my diagnosis and recommended a periacetabular osteotomy ( a pretty intense procedure). I Immediately, went to get a 2nd opinion (from a very well known hip doctor) and I was assured that I was in good hands with Dr. Feldman. I've since had the same procedure again in 2016 w/ Dr. Feldman. Wait times? Yes they can be long... but think about it, when you are a great doctor everyone wants to see you, and he is only 1 Man. I would wait hours to make sure I'm getting the best care available. His staff was always amazing and very helpful and thorough. If my child needed an Ortho, I would wait however long I needed to wait in order to make sure my child was seen by Dr. Feldman.

    Source: yelp
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