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    Comments: I have a 6 year old child who has arthrogryposis/Perthes, the perthes was undiagnosed until we consulted with Dr Feldman at age 4. as well as she is affected in all 4 limbs with arthrogryposis.

    We live in Texas and had seen many surgeons all over the country. No one would take on my child's lower extremity case, they wanted to amputate or put her in a wheelchair.

    Dr David Feldman operated on her in March and april of 2017 and my child now walks brace free and enjoys her life to the fullest. There is no one in my opinion that understands arthrogryposis like this dr does. He works closely with the child and builds a good relationship with the child which is rare he talks to the child not at the child. Dr Feldman is truly a brilliant man.

    I am eternally grateful,

    Don't waste your time on negative doctors.

    It's not as bad as you were told. My child is living proof of this. A happy and healthy first grader who plays piano,rides horses,swims and loves to dance.

    Forever grateful,
    Annette B

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