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The brain ordinarily has folds but in Polymicrogyria (PMG) the folds are too many and too small. This condition has been associated with many different presentations one of which is quite similar to Arthrogryposis.

My Approach:

Because the condition of PMG is very variable in terms of intellectual involvement and potential, each patient is assessed individually and many times improvement of function can be achieved with physical (PT) and occupational therapy (OT) as well as surgery to correct limb contractures and deformities.

Patient Stories

More Information:

The ability to achieve walking is often possible. Upper extremity surgery including transfer of muscles often helps achieve more independence.


Over 50 genes are associated with PMG. PMG may be associated with other conditions and at times no genetic changes are noted.

Diagnosis Methods:

MRI of the brain is the method of choice to make the diagnosis.


Physical and occupational therapy are crucial to all patients to achieve their potential.

The surgical treatments include release of contracted joints and transfer of muscles to increase function as in arthrogryposis in general.

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