Ashley’s Story

Sep 10,2019

Ashley is 13 years old. This past summer she hiked 7.5 miles 5,000 feet up in elevation out of the Grand Canyon, and 8.2 miles, 4,000 feet down in elevation from Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park. Besides her love of hiking, Ashley is a competitive swimmer, soccer player and ballet dancer. For the past three years, Ashley has played many dancing roles in the Nutcracker and is currently studying Ballet Dance on Pointe.

None of this would have been possible without Dr. Feldman and his wonderful staff. He was the fifth doctor we saw and we were beginning to lose hope. Dr. Feldman saw what everyone else missed in that Ashley’s problem was in the L4 vertebrae and not the hemivertebra as the other doctors had diagnosed. Dr. Feldman and his team fused Ashley’s L5 to her sacrum while continuously monitoring the hemivertebra for movement. His most recent diagnosis thrilled us with the real hope that Ashley will not need any further corrective surgeries.

Ashley continues to be very active and unless you saw the scar, you would never know there was anything different about her.

Ashley’s mom


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