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Micah came home when he was seven years old. He was born in China with achondroplasia. Micah didn’t start walking until he was five and a half years old. He spent a good amount of time sitting, which caused severe kyphosis and stenosis of his spine. After he came home, we knew that at some point he would need spine surgery. We decided to wait a bit to get him acclimated to being home with our family first. The moment was clear, when we needed to call Dr. Feldman. Micah woke up one morning and crawled to our bed unable to walk with a tingling sensation in his legs. A local specialist said nothing can be done and advised against any surgery for Micah saying that he just needed more physical therapy. If we would have followed that advice, we are certain that this would have led to eventual paralysis and loss of bowel and bladder function. Thankfully, after seeing Dr. Feldman and reviewing the MRI, Micah underwent a spinal fusion and decompression.

Since this surgery he has full mobility and loves to play basketball with his brothers and sisters.

During one of our follow up appointments with Dr. Feldman, Micah mentioned the fact that he wanted  to be independent using the bathroom, and showering. We decided that lengthening his arms would give him the independence he desperately needed. Micah’s surgery went very well, and he actually asked to go home the next day after surgery! He was excited to start this journey, and so proud of his arm fixators. He literally beamed walking into physical therapy and every 2 weeks when he saw doctor Feldman. Micah gained 8.5 cm of length in his arms, and now has complete independence in the bathroom!


We are extremely thankful for Dr. Feldman and his team, they truly love and care each one of their patients. You can sense it during every appointment, talking with them in the hospital after a procedure, in their emails, or even phone calls. They work so hard for their patients, and it shows. We are grateful for your skilled hands and huge hearts. We now have a son who can run around and be a crazy nine year old boy!

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