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It is incredibly hard to send your child back to have surgery. Under anesthesia, cutting, moving muscles, breaking bones, releasing nerves, adding hardware, etc. It puts you on pins and needles months before the surgeries even happen.

Dr. Feldman has known Alydia since she was 6 weeks old. And having him as her doctor has made all the decisions so much easier.

I remember spending hours upon hours researching Arthrogryposis and treatment methods. One day I saw two different videos of two Athrogrypodic girls WALKING. I knew whatever surgeon they went to was where I was supposed to go.

I remember walking into the Paley institute when Alydia was 6 weeks old like it was yesterday. It felt like home. It was amazing, emotional, and beautiful to see all the different conditions that the doctors treat.

I remember the day I sent Lydi back at 18 months old to have a huge operation on her leg. I felt sick to my stomach but I felt calm because I knew she would be in good hands. We were confident with Dr Feldman's plan and care. Not only does her leg straighten now but it bends too! With much therapy she started WALKING 6 weeks post operation. We are not only grateful for Dr Feldman and his knowledge and care but also for the belief that he has had in our daughter from the beginning.

Alydia’s independence is something we never even dreamt possible when she was a baby because it felt like it was too much to wish for. Dr. Feldman and his team, the therapists at the Paley Institute and our therapists here in Idaho have made her independence a reality. Every sacrifice has been worthwhile.

Alydia is just doing so amazing. And we are just so grateful.

Alydia’s Mom

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