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Dr. Feldman has completely transformed Sophia’s life. There is no one like Dr. David Feldman. Where other doctors wanted to amputate Sophia’s legs, Dr. Feldman corrected them. Since then, he has become a pioneer; leading the way with cutting edge surgeries, sheer brilliance, and compassion - helping those with arthrogryposis and much, much more. Sophia says, “What would I do without him"? We are eternally grateful. Sophia once referred to Dr. Feldman as being better than Santa Claus. Go for the consultation! You or your child’s situation is not hopeless like you’ve been led to believe.

It's the small things in life that matter the most. Sophia now uses the front entrance to the school versus the side doors etc. to avoid crowds. She's strong, confident and has put in the work to earn this massive accomplishment. Sophia has been brace-free for over 4 years.

Do the work friends, the payoff is huge. Anything is possible!

Our hearts are full. So much more to come.

Love, light and gratitude for Dr. David Feldman and his team.

In Love and Bravery,
Sophia and Annette (Sophia’s Mimi)


If you’re stuck in a rut or just plain frustrated, read this and know that NOTHING is impossible. #AMCSTRONG

Sophia is working on walking taller and with better strides. Also notice that we are not using an AFO on her right leg for half of the day now. Sophia doesn't need the AFO but she likes it, for her it's more psychological.

Sophia is an incredibly strong child and especially for having AMC. She is very muscular. I attribute it to this:

From the beginning of her life she has been strapped, stretched and moving; constantly moving. When other doctors and therapists told me that she COULDN'T, she WOULDN'T or she'll NEVER, in my mind, I was screaming that it was total BS! I know that SHE CAN, SHE IS, and SHE WILL!

It has become our mission, Sophia and I, to change the way others view Arthrogryposis.

Nutrition, sleep, movement and socializing. Empowering Sophia with a coach-like mentality, even knowing the struggles she faces, has only made her stronger. She is a very confident young lady and pushes herself like an NFL player.

I am constantly in awe of what this child can do. I also know how overwhelming it can be for new moms, caregivers, etc. Please look beyond the disability and know that anything is possible with effort and equality. Having a strong team of like minded people (doctors, therapists, coaches, friends) makes all the difference. Stay focused, do not pity your child and eliminate any negative people from your inner circle. Trust me when I tell you: you don't have time for pity and negative people.

Stay strong. You can do this and know nothing is impossible, especially with Dr. Feldman and his team!

Sophia’s Mimi

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