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What a journey during these past twelve weeks have been. A seemingly simple broken wrist while rollerblading with dogs proving anything but simple in terms of affecting day to day life!

Fortunately, my neighbor is a world famous orthopedic surgeon and I am so blessed to have been under his treatment. After resetting my wrist, all I had to do was sit still to allow healing, and try to avoid surgery. Life had to continue.

I went on the home shopping network with Christmas lights wrapped around my giant cast to represent Copperfit. I taught yoga with one arm, which was challenging but made me a better teacher. The giant cast gave way to a smaller waterproof cast which allowed me to shower without a plastic bag on my arm! Each day I became more and more grateful for the help I received from total strangers. And each day I was grateful for the small, daily victories. Slowly, I came back to life!

This week (3/20), twelve weeks post-op, while at occupational therapy, I decided it was time to get back on my motorcycle! This one is a little smaller than my one at home, but it got me back in the game of life. Fortunately, because of my neighbor status with Dr. Feldman, the OT department was unable to evict me from the premises.

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