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Cerebral Palsy

Katie had her spinal fusion at 17 years old with Dr. Ashgar, with whom we had a very good experience. However, his practice was a pediatric practice and once Katie turned 18 we had to search for an orthopedic surgeon that could follow her. For several years, we were in search of an orthopedist that was knowledgeable in a young adult with cerebral palsy’s musculoskeletal issues and needs. After exhaustive research, we had visited several different orthopedists in the Miami area but were told they could not help us. Very frustrating!

Then, along came social media and a friend (also with cerebral palsy) posted that he was having surgery here in West Palm Beach! Imagine our surprise -- in WPB?! You mean, here in our backyard? In the past, we had traveled to New Jersey when Katie and her twin sister Alex were young, to have surgery with Dr. Roy Nuzzo several times. We also traveled to Miami to see Dr. Tidwell and Dr. Ashgar. So, to hear of an orthopedist here in West Palm Beach was exciting! I immediately contacted our friend online and he told us of Dr. David Feldman. We did some research and decided this might be a good fit since two of Dr. Feldman’s specialties are “complex spine and hip preservation.” Both were issues that Katie needed to have addressed! So, we set up an appointment and met with Dr. Feldman. Katie felt, from the very first meeting with “THE David” (as he is known in our home), that she was comfortable. She felt that Dr. Feldman understood her and her needs very well.

Well, fast forward to today and Katie has had several surgeries, and she LOVES when she gets to see “THE David”! She ALWAYS states that she will never have another orthopedist treat her because she KNOWS she has found the very best one! Our family agrees with her wholeheartedly! Katie feels extremely fortunate that she has an orthopedic surgeon that is so incredibly smart, compassionate, caring, and talented and cares for her complex orthopedic needs -- someone that truly understands! (We all feel this way.)

As a side note: Katie is a smart and sharp witted young lady! She sees humor in her struggles. She may look like she is not listening but she doesn’t miss a single thing! One of the things that she truly enjoys about Dr. F is that along with addressing very serious problems, he is always bright eyed, smiling and humorous!

Katie’s Mom

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