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Olivia D

Multiple Hereditary Exostoses

Olivia was diagnosed with MHE at 3 years old. We had noticed a small bump on her rib and shoulder when she was a toddler but was told by her pediatrician that it was most likely a calcium build up. We requested an MRI at All Children’s Hospital and the rest was history. Olivia was diagnosed with a spontaneous case of MHE. We were lucky enough to find Dr. Feldman. We travel 3 hours to West Palm Beach from Sarasota to get the best care for our daughter.

Olivia is now 5 years old and has gone through three surgeries in the last 11 months. She has had osteochondromas removed from her index finger, both elbows, left wrist, and most recently she had bilateral hip surgery. Dr. Feldman and his team have given her phenomenal care.

Olivia will be starting Kindergarten in the fall and we are happy with the progress she has been making at the Paley institute. Before Olivia’s first surgery, someone had told me that children are very resilient when it came to things like surgery. I didn’t believe it but in Olivia’s case it is true. Olivia has been extremely positive and understanding about her condition. Whether it be a long-arm cast, a wheelchair, or a walker, she never complained once that she couldn’t play like her neighborhood friends. She would sit and watch them play with a smile on her face or ask them to push her around the cul-de-sac. She is a strong, happy girl. Olivia looks forward to when she gets to see Dr. Feldman and knows that he takes great care of her.

Olivia’s Mom

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