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Dr. Feldman is one of the best doctors anyone could ever ask for. The surgeries he performed on me changed my life. My first surgery with Dr Feldman was at four and a half years old, on my heel and ankle. My parents drove through almost two feet of snow to get from NJ to NY where Dr. Feldman was waiting. Three years later Dr. Feldman performed a second surgery on my foot to straighten it.

After a few years, my right leg was outgrowing my left. The next two surgeries with Dr. Feldman were to fix my leg length discrepancy. The first one was in NY and the next one was in Florida at the Paley Institute. My right leg was about two inches longer than my left leg, and Dr. Feldman was able to bring the discrepancy down to under a quarter of an inch. I was surprised how far it went down and how even my legs became.

In 2019 I went to the Paley Institute for spinal surgery with Dr. Feldman. I had severe scoliosis. My back changed in so many ways. Now It is straight, and my rib isn’t pointed toward my spine. I can also stand straight. Right after my surgery, I was so much straighter that I gained two inches. This surgery helped me in many ways. I have less pain in my back and hips. I feel better with my back straight.

I am thankful for what Dr. Feldman has done for me. Whether it’s 1,000 miles away or more, I will follow him wherever he goes. Dr. Feldman did so many things for me. He changed my life.

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