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I am so thankful for my time at the Paley Institute with Dr. Feldman and his team. Before having surgery, I could not walk or stand more than 5 minutes without hurting. Dr. Feldman’s team straightened my legs, and now I can walk for extended periods of time without pain.

I have seen doctors that I have not trusted, so at first I was frightened that I would not like Dr. Feldman or that he would not care what my opinion was. Dr. Feldman and his team proved me wrong. They were willing to explain what was going to happen to my legs when I asked them and took time to acknowledge my thoughts when I had them, even if I sounded crazy.

One time I had a “jacked up” pin in my leg that was aggravating a nerve, and when I told Dr. Feldman about it his first response was, “pins are not ‘jacked-up,’ they are angular.” That is still an inside joke that we use today and we always make sure to call jacked-up things angular. I am thankful that Dr. Feldman and his team did not treat me as an ignorant child who did not need to know what was happening and was just there to be operated on. Instead, he listened and made sure both my mom and I understood what was going to happen.

Dr. Feldman and his team are kind, smart, and overall amazing people and I would not want any other doctor operating on me.

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