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In the picture on the left, taken 12/11/17, Mackenzie could barely stand for more than a minute or two without discomfort or pain.  She couldn’t walk more than 25-50 feet. She dropped out of Girl Scouts and chorus due to her pain and lack of mobility. It had come to the point that she didn’t want to go into a restaurant with us because the handicapped parking was too far. 

Despite our continued complaints to her prior surgeon (at every visit over the course of 7-9 years), this pain, discomfort, and lack of mobility was totally acceptable with him.  He said things over the years like “kids fall a lot, people get around fine in wheelchairs,” and, “her flexibility will be limited.” (That was his major concern, which turned out to be a total non-issue.) This man even implied that what we wanted to do was cosmetic. It was ridiculous and maddening. In the picture on the right, taken 11/18/18, she’s finally able to stand straight.

One year post surgery, Mackenzie has a personal trainer and works out three times a week. She cooks, helps with laundry and all types of chores. She recently came home from the movies excited because she could walk up to the top of the stairs with her friends, pain free. She now is able to run around outside playing with our dogs and walk for blocks which all would not have been possible before Dr. Feldman. The change is absolutely amazing!

Her Latin Class is going to Italy next year, notoriously known for its stairs and old cobblestone walkways, and she squealed with excitement that she wants to go. She wouldn’t have even thought of going before.

None of this would have been possible had we stayed with the Little People of America endorsed “expert” on pseudoachondroplasia in Delaware. Please, if you’re the parent of a pseudo or SED (or any other complicated form of dwarfism, including achondroplasia) take your child to see Feldman.  He is a genius and an artist.

Dr. Feldman executed perfectly what the LPA endorsed “expert” literally shrugged his shoulders about after coming out of the operating room last December and telling us her hips were, “too far gone, there’s nothing I can do.” Dr. Feldman was able to salvage more than seven years of inaction by an “expert” telling us to put off surgery because it’s “better to wait.”

I’ve seen my daughter’s self confidence go through the roof with her newfound independence. If you are the parent of a little person I encourage you to meet Dr. Feldman, I guarantee you’ll love him as we do. His skills, knowledge, technique and wonderful bedside manner are unlike any other.

If anyone would like to talk to us about our experience we’d be happy to help. Thank you Dr. Feldman! We love you!!!

Nicole, Vince and Mackenzie DePaul

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