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Fibular Hemimelia
New York, USA

Gino was born with Fibular Hemimelia. After seeing many, many doctors we were very fortunate to get an appointment with Doctor Feldman. He was the only doctor to give us his opinion if it was his child and what he would do. Dr. Feldman explained everything to us including possible future surgeries. He also explained the benefits have to outweigh the risks and to have a normal childhood which was our deciding factor to amputate Gino's right foot as it was not an easy decision. We had anticipated he would need another surgery at 8 years old but that has not happened yet and Gino is currently 15. Every time we have seen Dr. Feldman he is nothing less than phenomenal with my son. He makes my son feel comfortable while answering the great doctor's questions.

Gino is an extraordinary athlete while being a right foot amputee. Soccer is Gino's sport of choice and everyone who watches him play is amazed at his performance level. It might seem crazy, but I do not see my son as a disabled person. He does everything any child with two feet would do. He does not let it stop him and we have raised him with the motto, "Never Give Up!" As parents we have to teach our children to overcome any obstacle whether it is physical or not. Receiving a new prosthetic is like getting new sneakers, as he grows he get another one. It really isn't something we even think about or worry about.

We have encountered people making negative comments while we are out just living life and we had to educate people. We have also had amazing people in awe of my son especially while he is playing sports.

I do not regret amputating my son's foot as crazy as that may sound.

In the end, Gino is a regular kid who happens to be an amputee and just lives his life without limitations.

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