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  • Dr Feldman is like no other. He is without a doubt skilled beyond belief as a surgeon - creative, disciplined, talented and impactful -surgically he's second to no one and I trust him implicitly. But what also sets him apart is that he is so caring ...

    ~ Brooke W ~

  • Dr Feldman has been caring for Timmy for over 10 years!! Hands down the best there is in orthopedics.

    Source: Google

    ~ Michelle and Timmy B ~

  • Dr. Feldman is simply the best orthopedic doctor! My two sons have been with him for the past 14 years, and he confirmed I was misdiagnosed my whole life. His bedside matter and the innovation and thoughtfulness that goes into every patient is second...

    ~ Pamela M ~

  • Dr. Feldman is a phenomenal doctor! We are blown away by his care and compassion every appointment we have. Our kids have gone through life changing surgeries with Dr. Feldman and they have gained independence and mobility because of his expertise. W...

    ~ M J ~

  • I was suffering from horrible hip pain while training for a race and Dr. Feldman diagnosed a torn labrum in my hip. He performed surgery to repair it, and thankfully I'm fully active again! He is one of the most caring and skilled doctors I've ever...

    ~ Danielle D ~

  • I have seen many orthopedic doctors throughout my lifetime and Dr. Feldman is, by far, the BEST. His bedside manner is unparalleled. I am beyond grateful to have found a skilled surgeon who specializes in dwarfism.

    Source: Google

    ~ Kristen D ~

  • I have a 6 year old child who has arthrogryposis/Perthes, the perthes was undiagnosed until we consulted with Dr Feldman at age 4. as well as she is affected in all 4 limbs with arthrogryposis.

    We live in Texas and had seen many surgeons a...

    ~ Annette B ~

  • Great docter, best ortherpedic surgeon who change my life and I sincerely thank him for making a difference in my life.

    Source: Google

    ~ Fatumata B ~

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