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  • Dr Feldman is an amazing doctor capable of fixing complicated problems that many other orthopedics refuse to attempt. I am grateful for his presence in my life. He restored my ability to walk without severe pain as well as my hope for the future. He ...

    ~ Sara F ~

  • Dr. David Feldman was the only doctor able to diagnose the problem with my daughter. After two years on physical therapy and multiple doctors her pain didn't go away, other orthopedics specialist had gave up on helping her and referred her to the bes...

    ~ Fernanda R ~

  • Dr Feldman has been my sons doctor since he was 3, he was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis. On August 1, 2018 my son had spinal fusion surgery which went amazingly well at the age of 13. He explains everything and my son is so comfortable with him...

    ~ Danielle S ~

  • Our daughter Mackenzie could barely stand for more than a minute or two without discomfort or pain. She couldn’t walk more than 25-50 feet. She dropped out of Girl Scouts and chorus due to her pain and lack of mobility. It had come to the point tha...

    ~ Nicole D ~

  • Dr. Feldman is great with our son Brycen who has MHE. Brycen is so comfortable talking with him and trusts him so much. It makes everything easier having a doctor you trust and respect.

    Source: Facebook

    ~ Heather Chad D ~

  • Dr.Feldman gave my daughter hope when no other doctor knew what to do. Aubrey's femur was cut in half for 8 months and no other doctors knew why it wasn't healing. Dr. Feldman did surgery and she was healed 6 weeks later. He is truly a gift from God ...

    ~ Sara H ~

  • After many years of multiple orthopedic issues for our complicated daughter, dr feldman gave us new hope and fixed her hip! He is an amazing surgeon and so wonderfully kind and compassionate.

    Source: Facebook

    ~ Cathie J ~

  • Dr Feldman "rescued" my daughter's ankle after a very sever gymnastic injury. I cannot praise or thank him enough!! He gave her back her smile and confidence!!

    Source: Facebook

    ~ Jo-Anne T ~

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