The About section of this website features information about me, my practice, and my medical philosophy. It is intended to provide you with my professional medical credentials in addition to giving you an idea of who I am as a doctor/surgeon.

David S. Feldman, MD

The David S. Feldman, MD page features my professional biography and details about my medical experience, practice, and affiliated hospitals.

Office Art

In addition to a playroom, we also have art on the walls that is often interesting to children. Art is a hobby of mine and the pieces in the office are diverse.


The Publications page features PDF versions of medical articles, reports, studies, etc. that were written by me or to which I have contributed.

Testimonials (Patient Stories)

One of my main goals for this website is to help patients and parents find comfort and empowerment in knowing that they are not alone and it’s possible for their medical conditions to be overcome. We reached out to a few patients and their families and asked them to help us achieve this goal by sharing testimonials of their experiences in their own words.